Comprehensive Swimming Lessons for Kids in Melton

Swimming classes for kidsWhen you’re in a country that’s as obsessed with the water as much as ours, it’s incredibly important that we have the skills in place to stay safe. When we take into consideration that in just 20 seconds, a toddler can drown, even in shallow water, we can see just how vital it is to that our young ones have the ability to get themselves out of such a situation before it’s too late.

At Melton Swim School we are proud to offer swimming lessons for children of all ages, and you can be confident with the knowledge that the instructors we have on our team are all qualified professionals who are both welcoming and patient.

Melton’s favourite provider of children’s swimming lessons

We know that, when undertaking lessons for kids, there needs to be a great deal of fun involved in order to keep their interest piqued, and as such incorporate the necessary learning within games and fun activities. The children that attend our classes all have a great time and look forward to the next meeting, which helps them progress faster because they are legitimately interested in improving.

The water safety classes we run are in line with the water safety initiative of the RLS (Royal Life Saving) society of Australia.

Get in touch with our office in Melton to make a booking for your kids or yourself

We proudly offer our service not just to children but also adults – no matter the age, we are here to help you stay safe in the water! For any additional information you’re after, or when you’re ready to reserve you or your kids’ place in one of our classes, simply phone us at 03 9747 4000. Alternatively, use our online contact form and we’ll get back to you with a response ASAP.